2024 / 05

2nd World Agritourism Congress

From 16 to 18 May 2024, the 2nd World Agritourism Congress, titled "Agritourism is more!", was held at the EURAC in Bolzano, South Tyrol. This event served as a global forum for scientists, practitioners, associations, stakeholders, businesses, and various other participants. With the main focus on sustainability, the aim was to explore the state-of-the-art, challenges, opportunities, and limitations of agritourism along with future development perspectives in rural areas worldwide. With 11...

Estimating the Informal Economy in EU-15 Agriculture, 1996-2019. A top cited paper

This paper is one of the top 10 most-cited papers in the international journal Agribusiness. For the first time, the authors Friedrich Schneider, Mangirdas Morkunas, and Erika Quendler estimate the informal economy in the agricultural sector. The focus is on the 15 "old" EU countries over a period of 23 years. This achievment highlights the significance of the 'informal economy' in agricultural economics.

2024 / 04

UniClaD Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting in Comrat and Chisinau, Moldova

At the beginning of April, a meeting took place as part of the Erasmus+ project "UniClaD" ("Enhancing Capacity Of Universities To Initiate And To Participate In Clusters Development On Innovation And Sustainability Principles"). With the participation of two BAB colleagues, topics such as IT in Agriculture, Creation of New Training Courses, Innovation in Agrifood Clusters, Lean Management in Agriculture, Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System were dealt with in a three-day workshop at...

Erika Quendler: Expert at the ShapingBio workshop on collaboration in Frankfurt

Erika Quendler participated in the ShapingBio workshop on April 18, 2024. When addressing the challenges, her input helped identify solutions to facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration in bioeconomy. Discussion benefited from her experience, leading to the creation of recommendations for this kind of collaboration. For more information about the ShapingBio workshop please visit LinkedIn und X.

APCC Special Report on Land Use and Climate Change

In the APCC Special Report on Land Use and Climate Change in Austria, the current state of knowledge was systematically reviewed, summarized and evaluated. An open process was developed and pursued that enabled the entire Austrian community of researchers and experts in the field of land system research to actively contribute. Heidi Grüneis contributed as lead author in Chapter 4: Adaptation options in land use to climate change. The report was published in April 2024 and is freely...

2024 / 01

DI Mag. Dr. Martin SCHÖNHART

DI. Dr. Martin SCHÖNHART was appointed Director of the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research on January 8, 2024.

2024 / 02

Horizon Europe Project SERIGO - Kick Off Event at BAB

From 13.02.-15.02.2024, the BAB hosted the kick-off meeting of the Horizon Europe project SERIGO in Vienna. The SERIGO project generates evidence-based theoretical and practicable knowledge on how the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) can support resilience, social inclusion, and ‘good life’ in European rural areas. Based on the research results and findings , recommendations will be developed on which framework conditions and policy measures are necessary to promote these objectives....

Workshop: Bioeconomy and the CAP

Measures to support a sustainable and/or circular bioeconomy are not limited to bioeconomy action plans, but can also be defined in other policy frameworks, such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). On this topic, the online workshop “How to support a sustainable and/or circular bioeconomy through policy” was organised on 1 February 2024 in the BIOECO-UP project. The aim was to exchange information and experiences on the development, implementation and financing of bioeconomy...

US Students Exploring European Agriculture: An Interview with Erika Quendler

26 Jan 2024: Three ambitious students from Washington University - Dorothy Harbaugh, Ria Bakhaya, and Isabel Goldstein - were sent out to learn more about European agriculture. They interviewed Erika Quendler, discussing the subjects of farm economics, challenges and concerns, political views and the EU's role in the sector. This interview significantly deepened their understanding of Austrian agriculture and its connection to global political dynamics.

2023 / 10

FactSheet 011: The female face of agriculture and forestry

Spotlights on developments and empowerment potentials Since the reinforced emergence of feminist issues in the 1970s and the subsequent institutionalisation of gender-equality policy the visibility of women has also been increasing in Austrian agriculture and forestry. Not only do women in most cases shoulder the main responsibility for the household and all the latter entails but they are also playing active roles in agriculture, forestry, diversification and many other areas. In this...

2023 / 09

CoRoots project meeting in Covilha, Portugal

In July, the third meeting of the Erasmus+ project "CoRoots" ("Communicating roots: co-learning to improve rural resilience and governance") took place. This time, 2 colleagues from BAB and 5 participants from Spain travelled to Covilhã, Portugal, to see social innovation projects in rural areas on the ground. As an introduction, the hosts PRIP (Prout Research Institute) and the Universidade Beira Interior presented their theoretical and methodological approaches at the university in...

DI M.Sc. Thomas RESL

Director Thomas Resl has left the Federal Institute of Agriculture and Mining for the private sector as of 31 August 2023. Until a new director is appointed, his deputy Thomas Dax is in charge.

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