2023 / 03

BAB 063/22: Communicating roots: co-learning to improve rural resilience and governance - CoROOTS (ERASMUS+ Projekt)

Co-learning methods to improve resilience management in rural areas The project was applied for on the initiative of the Prout Research Institute in Portugal in order to enable a scientific exchange of co-learning approaches developed in research projects in recent years, to disseminate them further in regional development, to implement them in practice and also to develop them further. The BAB contributes its results from the H2020 projects SIMRA, ROBUST and Liverur on the topics of social...

2022 / 03

BAB 059/22: Regional agricultural value chains

Robust Food Supply Chains in Austria The reliable supply of high-quality food to the Austrian population has become the focus of public debate in recent years, not least due to the large number of crises. As part of the cooperation project "Robust value and supply chains for agricultural goods and food in Austria" (ROBVEK), aspects of quantitative supply as well as the affordability of goods along the value chain were examined in a total of 6 work packages. The Federal Institute of...

BAB 055/22: Study on the Austrian seed industry

Some parts of EU seed law date back to 1966 and need to be adapted to the changed framework conditions. After the legislative proposal drawn up by the European Commission (EC) to reform EU seed law was rejected by the European Parliament in 2014, the Commission has once again set itself the goal of reforming EU seed law. This reform process was re-initiated with an options paper published by the EC in April 2021 (SWD 2021). In addition, an EU-wide public online consultation on the reform...

BAB 062/22: Rural Sustainability Transitions through Integration of Knowledge for improved policy processes - RUSTIK

Horizon Europe Projekt The project has been tendered in the Horizon Europe Programme under the thematic area of promoting "resilient rural communities" under the title "Grasping rural diversity and strengthening evidence for tailored policies enhancing the contribution of rural communities to ecological, digital and social transitions (RIA)" (CL6-2021-COMMUNITIES-01-01). In view of insufficient impacts and the increasing challenges posed by social and ecological developments, this call for...

BAB 058/22: Feed Balance

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, weaknesses in the Austrian and global economic system became apparent. The COVID-19 Lessons learnt research project was therefore initiated with the aim of creating evidence to ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic can be overcome in agriculture and forestry. The COVID-19 Lessons learnt research project consisted of 16 sub-projects, 14 of which have already been completed. The feed balance sub-project is now being continued as an...

BAB 054/22: Work organisation of non-family seasonal workers in Austrian agriculture in the field of crop production

The structure of Austrian agriculture is characterised by small and medium-sized family farms. Non-family labour has always made a significant contribution to agricultural production (see e.g. Agricultural Structure Survey 2016 - Farm Structure; Statistics Austria 2018, p. 54), but for a long time there was little interest in their situation. Media attention for seasonal workers and harvest workers has increased in recent years, but scientific considerations in agricultural research are only...

BAB 061/22: Relief for agricultural und forestry sector within the framework of national emissions certificate trading

Within the framework of the eco-social tax reform of 2022, a gradual introduction of a national emission allowance trading system (nEHS) is planned, starting with an introductory phase from 1 July 2022. In connection with the introduction of the nEHS, a relief mechanism will be created to offset the additional costs from the CO2 price for agriculture and forestry. This is to ensure that domestic food production is not disadvantaged in relation to European and international competition....

BAB 057/22: Processing capacities for oilseeds and protein crops in Austria

Even before the current Covid-19 pandemic, the cultivation of protein crops in Austria, their development potential and the associated security of supply have become the focus of numerous discussions and initiatives. Despite increased cultivation areas in Austria (e.g. doubling of soybean cultivation areas), there is still a dependency on imports for vegetable protein. One aim of the Protein Strategy 2030 presented in July 2021 is to secure the protein supply in Austria. Although the...

BAB 053/22: Sector analysis hemp

Hemp has been grown as a crop in Austria for centuries, but until now it has had the character of a niche crop. The demand for hemp products has been growing for several years, although the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent sharp rise in prices have slowed this development. The aim of the study was to present the various production, utilization and marketing possibilities of the individual plant parts in Austria in more detail and to look at them from the perspective of various stakeholders....

BAB 060/22: Converting Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) into Farm Sustainability Data Network (FSDN)

The Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) has been collecting economic data from agricultural holdings for decades. Due to the reorientation of EU agricultural policy with a focus on greater sustainability, the FADN is to be expanded into an information network on agricultural sustainability (FSDN). The European Commission is therefore proposing an amendment to the FADN basic regulation. This should also enable the collection of data to underpin and monitor the objectives of the Green Deal,...

BAB 056/22: Applying an agri-food systems approach

Basic principles and an analysis using the example of conflicting goals in land use Initial situation UN sustainability goals, the European Green Deal (with the "Farm to Fork" strategy, the biodiversity strategy for 2030) etc. are responses to social challenges. The goals pursued and measures taken have an impact on the agricultural, environmental and food sectors, among others. However, the demands placed on these areas (e.g. food security, extensive farming, ecosystem services) and the...

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BAB 052/22: Flat rates for fruit and vegetable producer organizations

Initial situation Within the framework of the Common Market Organisation, recognised producer organisations (POs) have received or will receive access to public funding within the framework of so-called "Operational Programmes" (OPs). Each recognised PO is obliged to draw up an OP every few years on the basis of the National Strategy for Fruit and Vegetables in accordance with the specifications, in which the planned measures are also to be presented. The funding agency (Agrarmarkt Austria)...

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