BAB 050/21: Soil Data Analysis - Financial Soil Estimation and Soil Mapping (BODAT)

In the BODAT project, possible applications of the two area-related soil data sets (financial soil valuation, soil map) of Austria were evaluated and possibilities of use for agricultural management and agricultural policy measures were investigated. In addition, the possibility of merging the two area-based soil data sets was examined and the correlation of individual soil parameters with remote sensing data as well as results of the GIS-ELA project were analyzed. For the project areas, remotely sensed parameters (leaf area index, vegetation index NDVI) were calculated from satellite imagery data using BAB's OpenDataCube (ODC), which can depict the current state of the vegetation. By combining these satellite data, which are available in high temporal and spatial resolution, with the two Austrian soil information systems (financial soil valuation, soil map), this potentially opens up new possibilities to obtain indirect information on soil properties or to usefully complement the soil data. The combination of the two area-related soil data sets themselves did not lead to a satisfactory result in the currently available data structure and is in principle also not possible in an automated way. However, the combination of the soil data of the financial soil valuation with remote sensing data offers potential for the production of map bases for precision agriculture.

Project start: 13.10.2020
Project end: 31.8.2022

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