BAB 036/20: Calculation of the compensatory allowance for disadvantaged areas

Initial situation

With the constitution of the expert groups within the framework of the design of the national CAP strategic plan, discussions on the reorientation of the compensatory allowance for disadvantaged areas also started in November 2019. Based on the substantive results of these expert discussions, the premium level of this measure is to be determined. In this context, the general requirements of the European Commission (EC) regarding the calculation principles are to be taken into account. Due to the time schedule of the BMLRT to submit the strategic plan 2021 to the EC, it is necessary to complete the calculations in the first half of 2021.


An essential component for the approval of the compensatory allowance for disadvantaged areas on the part of the EC are calculations that present the natural disadvantage of the affected farms eco-nomically. The Federal Institute for Agricultural Economics and Mining Research (BAB) will carry out and document the calculations for the "compensatory allowance for disadvantaged areas". The results of the calculations will serve the programming agency as a basis for the assessment of the premium levels of the "compensatory allowance for disadvantaged areas" in the accompanying working group and as an argumentative foundation for the submission of the national CAP strategy plan.

Status of the project

In the second half of 2020, preparatory work was started with regard to the structured and coordinated approach concerning the data basis and calculation requirements. In addition to the review of relevant documents and records, the work also focused on the collection and preparation of data necessary for the calculations. In addition, data gaps were identified and a start was made on closing them, among other things in the course of expert discussions. The premium calculation itself is based on model calculations of model farms. On the basis of the documents available so far (specifications of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management), considerations were made about the basic calculation logic and the structure of the calculation models.

Work 2021

Due to the fact that some important decisions on the fundamental design of the future CAP are still pending at EU level (cf. trilogue at EU level between Commission, Council and Parliament) and relevant legal acts such as regulations and special directives will only be available in the course of the first half of 2021, the final calculations can also be carried out in the first half of the year. Any adaptations to the calculations will be made in close consultation with expert groups. In addition, a regular update of the data basis is planned. In order to make all considerations and calculations traceable, they are to be documented in the form of a working paper (e.g. data basis, calculation parameters, procedure, calculation steps, etc.). The results of the premium calculations are presented and discussed in a steering group set up for this purpose.


Project start: January 2020
End of project: December 2021

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Alpine pasture with cows

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