BAB 035/20: Calculation of premiums of the agri-environmental program

Initial situation

With the constitution of the expert groups as part of the design of the national CAP strategic plan, discussions on the realignment of the agri-environmental and climate measures (AUKM) also started in November 2019. Based on the substantive results of these expert discussions, the premium level for the individual ÖPUL interventions is to be determined. The general guidelines of the European Commission (EC) regarding the calculation principles are to be taken into account. An essential part for the approval of the new ÖPUL program by the EC are calculations for the individual ÖPUL interventions.


The Federal Institute of Agriculture and Mining (BAB) will carry out and document the calculations for a part of the planned interventions. These results will serve as a basis for the assessment of the premium amount on the part of the BMLRT. In addition to the calculations per se, the most important methodological and logical considerations will be documented.

Status of the project

In 2020, work began on collecting, checking and processing the data needed for the calculations. In addition, specialized information was collected in the course of literature research or consultations with experts in the field. The calculation of individual interventions was started on the basis of the special guidelines. The calculations are based on the principle of additional expenses and reduced revenues in connection with the respective interventions. The results were presented at steering group meetings, discussed and adjusted where necessary.

Work 2021

The calculations of the premiums are based on the European legal bases. As the negotiations within the framework of the trilogue (EU Commission, EU Council, EU Parliament) will start in January 2021, the corresponding EU regulations and requirements (e.g. conditionalities) will only be available in the course of 2021. Depending on this, the associated work of the BAB is to be seen in 2021. The work started in the previous year 2020 will be continued, i.e. the data basis of the calculations already made will be updated and the costing prepared. For the traceability of the calculations and the assumptions made, all considerations and calculation processes are to be documented in the form of a working paper (e.g. the data sources, methodical procedure, calculation steps, etc.).

The work was completed in December 2021.


Project start: January 2020
End of project: December 2021

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