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BAB 027/19: D-ESS - Time Recording Intranet-based Human Resource Management and Project Controlling


Development of a web-based, modular time recording and resource planning system at the participating departments. The system must be based on open source; the data, programming and database must be open source. The basic system must not incur any license costs, but extensions and tools will be purchased as appropriate.

Further development of the current cost and performance accounting system with the following objectives

  • Time recording for all employees (including those who are not recorded in SAP, with the exception of teachers)
  • SAP conformity
  • Temporary/contracted employee management (contracts, payroll, hourly rates)
  • Project controlling (billing, overview, status, degree of coverage, milestones)
  • Reporting
            Key figures
  • Increase timeliness, goal: daily updates

Project background and description

The ESS offered by the BRZ can only be posted to by employees who have been created in SAP. And no postings to cost objects (internal orders, projects) are possible.

The departments (especially the research institutes) work on a project-oriented basis.If it is not possible to allocate time at project level in the ESS, this would either have to be estimated or carried out with a second, parallel time recording system, as otherwise these projects cannot be accounted for.

Furthermore, project controlling is not possible in the ESS and there is a lack of tools for project and personnel deployment planning.The time recording system currently used at the offices is about 10 years old, was developed at the BA f. Bergbauernfragen and is no longer maintained as there is no official mandate or resources for it.Technically, this time recording system is outdated, no longer complies with current security standards and cannot be used on mobile clients.There is no module for project planning.


Development of web-based software upstream of SAP.
This software should be able to be hosted both locally and externally.The core functions should have a modular structure so that each department only installs the necessary modules but all have a common basis.Local adaptations and further developments at the departments must be possible, but if these adaptations affect the source code or the database structure, they must be agreed with the project managers (code defragmentation should be avoided as far as possible).

Work until 2023

The time recording area was implemented for all groups of employees (civil servants, civil servants, collective, apprentices, seasonal workers, temporary workers) and went live in October 2021 for several 100 employees at 6 offices.In addition, a planning and time recording tool for duty rosters was implemented, working time can be booked using a "time clock" with and without an RFID card, the entire calculation of overtime has been automated and new reports have been and are constantly being added.

The first quarterly and annual financial statements have been completed, and many smaller issues have also been dealt with.A major focus was placed on reporting. For a detailed list of work per version, see In 2023, the focus was on vacation and time-off management.

Plan 2024

Roll-out to other departments, expand RFID and touch input, software package updates.


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