BAB 024/19: Female farm managers revisited

A panel survey on the development of farms and their households

Austrian agriculture is subject to continuous change. These changes affect both farm activities and the farming family. According to statistical surveys, the proportion of female farm managers in Austria is very high compared to the rest of the EU. This is due to a high share of sideline businesses as well as to other tax, pension and subsidy reasons. The 27 interviewees had diverging identities as farm managers. Accordingly, their farm development strategies were also different. These ranged from economic optimisation of the farm to holistic and ecologically oriented life concepts.

About 10 years ago, the project "Women farm managers in Austria - an explorative study on identity formation" (BF 106/06) was carried out. In the qualitative empirical part of the study, 27 women farm managers were interviewed personally. The aim of the research project is to record how the conditions on the farms of the farm women, in their families and in their social environment have changed in the last decade. The interviewees of the initial study were in different phases of life and consequently the development trajectories of the farms will also have diverse characteristics. Due to the diversity of the farms, their pluriactivity and their different equipment, interesting development trajectories can be expected from a scientific perspective with regard to economic development, new co-operations, but also with regard to the transfer of farms. The results can subsequently provide operational indications for the advisory services and for the support regime within the framework of the CAP strategic plan. The role of women on the farm and in the household as well as the dynamics of gender and generation relations in recent years are to be researched.

The project was discontinued due to work bottlenecks and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Woman on tractor at field

Woman on tractor at field

BAB, Hager, 2010

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