BAB 074/24: D-DOK: Research documentation departments

Currently, the data for research activities and public relations activities are collected in simple lists at the research departments and the RZL and activity reports are compiled manually. There are currently no standardized publication lists or archives.


Development of a web-based research documentation system for departments.
This application is used by the respective users to collect all relevant data that is

  • are required for the creation of the RZLP, especially for the creation of key figures.
  • for the targeted, citable publication and collection of all recorded data and documents
  • can be automatically analyzed for annual reports,
  • are relevant for strategic decisions.

With the introduction of D-ESS in October 2021, a tool with the necessary data, authorizations and evaluations relating to personnel, projects, time recording, allocation and time allocation has already been created. This tool has reduced the administrative effort for this recurring work and provides new high-quality evaluation options.
By integrating publication documentation into the existing tool, the following improvements can be achieved:

The data obtained can be used to generate time series for the RZLP, as well as the basis for decisions, key figures and automatically controllable publication lists (annual report, presentation on the homepage, personal publication lists, all project publications)

  • All publications relevant to the department can be compiled in a documentation on site
  • These are prepared for citation and can also be assigned to several projects
  • Public relations activities can be documented and evaluated centrally
  • All recorded data can be entered and looked up at author, institute and institution level at any time in a familiar environment
  • Create an overview of all active projects and collaborators
  • The application has a modular structure and can be adapted to the requirements of the department

Planned work 2024


Create an application based on the D-ESS server:

  • System authorization (same structure as D-ESS, but new authorizations)- Cost units (projects) from D-ESS database
  • Users from the D-ESS database- New user groups specifically for D-DOK (data entry clerk, head of department, head of institute, controlling)
  • New server logs (user tracking) specifically for D-DOK- Supports database, Active Directory and OIDC authentication- Copy (and modify) existing relevant API endpoints from D-ESS
  • Create base code


  • Research, install and configure MongoDB GridFS
  • Create API endpoints (and client-side views) to support uploading, saving and indexing PDF files
  • Implement client-side views to display file versioning and download of PDFs
  • Create views and a server API to link employees to "projects"
  • Create a view to link employees to PDF documents
  • Implement tables for full text search of uploaded PDFs


Project start: 01/2024
Project end: 12/2025





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