BAB 073/24: Data modelling, management and consulting for the GAP Datapool

The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) plays a central role in shaping agricultural policies that affect agriculture, the environment and rural communities. The evaluation of these policies is crucial to understand their effectiveness, sustainability and potential adjustments.

The evaluation of CAP 23-27 poses new challenges for the evaluators involved. Increased expectations of the evaluation as well as larger amounts of data require targeted solutions and tools to efficiently solve current problems.

The data-related challenges include the integration of heterogeneous data sources from various agriculture-related areas such as environmental data, socio-economic indicators and more. This data is often available in different formats, structures and qualities. In preparation, methods of data integration, cleansing and analysis must be developed in order to ensure the quality, consistency and analytical capability of this data.

As part of the Datenpool project, the BAB has accumulated a wide range of knowledge in these areas. This knowledge, which can be summarized under the interdisciplinary term of data science, is now to be used to support the evaluation of the CAP 23-27 measures in their work.


Creation and design of the architecture of the GAP 23-27 data pool, including conception and use cases of the evaluation and access systems.The aim is to create an efficient and accessible structure that provides the necessary data for the evaluation of CAP measures and at the same time enables easy use and analysis by authorized users.Provide technical expertise and support to Division II/1 and those responsible for CAP measures 23-27 in the area of data modeling and data management.This includes developing and managing an effective data model and implementing best practices for data management to ensure that the CAP data pool contains high quality and reliable data.Provide technical advice and support to CAP intervention managers on sourcing data, seamless transfer of supplier data to relevant interfaces, efficient storage, data processing and smooth delivery to the CAP data pool.

Establish methods for data security and integrity, including ways to comprehensively document all stored data under CAP Actions 23-27.

The focus is on creating a solid database that supports evaluation in the best possible way and provides evaluators with relevant, well-documented information.


Project start: 01/2024
Project duration: CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027 accompanying long-term project



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