FactSheet 011: The female face of agriculture and forestry


Spotlights on developments and empowerment potentials

Since the reinforced emergence of feminist issues in the 1970s and the subsequent institutionalisation of gender-equality policy the visibility of women has also been increasing in Austrian agriculture and forestry. Not only do women in most cases shoulder the main responsibility for the household and all the latter entails but they are also playing active roles in agriculture, forestry, diversification and many other areas. In this factsheet, the gender-specific conditions and their development in terms of (i) farm labour force, (ii) farm holdership and management, (iii) discrepancies in pension and (iv) agrarian advocacy are analysed for Austria using secondary statistics. Here the situation in Austria is outlined using official statistics, e.g. Farm Structure Surveys from different years, and appropriate international references. Gender-disaggregated data brings to light concrete and tangible aspects of women's involvement in agriculture and forestry. This factsheet looks into the increase in visibility of women in agriculture and forestry in Austria, the challenges they face and the importance of accurate gender-disaggregated data.

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