BAB 015/10: Gross margins and databases for the business planning

Initial situation

An important basis for advisory and educational work in agriculture is provided by economic and production data on production methods. Until 2008, this data was published in a catalogue within the framework of contribution margin calculations. The users wanted and still want the contribution margin calculations to be made available digitally and to be able to be individually adapted as required.


The aim of this project is to make contribution margins and data bases for farm planning in Austria freely available in digital form on the internet. For this purpose, contribution margin calculations for different branches of business and production processes are programmed on the basis of an internet-based application. On the basis of predefined settings, it is also possible to make individual adaptations for each company. This project was started in cooperation with the Bavarian State Institute for Agriculture (LfL).
The data on which the contribution margin calculations are based come from a wide variety of sources, such as published statistics and reports on market and price information or information from experts. Finally, the data basis and results of the newly developed database can also be used for the operational concept within the framework of the Rural Development Programme and within the framework of research cooperations.

Status of the project

Within the framework of the EIP project "Income Stabilisation", the online application "IDB Cover Contributions and Calculation Data" was further developed in many respects. After the necessary discussions and preparatory work regarding the requirements, the programme areas "Basic settings", "Fast recording", "Time series" and "Crop rotation contribution margin" were programmed in 2022. After its implementation, the procedures of the cash crop cultivation and subsequently of the animal procedures were first prepared in the spreadsheet software, then programmed in Angular 2, tested and put online.
As part of the reprogramming and the simultaneous implementation of forecast data, the database on which the application is based was rebuilt. The forecast data on price development is delivered twice a year, processed and integrated into the price database.
An interface for data retrieval was programmed for the "Klilasz Project (Climate Protection and Agricultural Scenarios - Investigation of Measures for Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Austria)".

Work 2023

The preparation and implementation of the reprogramming of the methods of cash crop production, fodder production, animal husbandry and permanent crops in the web application "Angular 2" will be continued.
Within this project, it is also intended that the hitherto historical approach of the IDB will also be directed towards the future. For this purpose, interfaces to websites and databases with forecast prices or suitable solutions for data input are to be programmed or set up.
The optimisation of interfaces for the Klilasz project and possible interfaces to other projects are being worked on.
In addition, the implementation of new procedures is being worked on. With regard to the Organic Action Programme 2023, special attention is being paid to organic farming methods.
The regular maintenance of the data basis (prices, yields, inputs, etc.) for updating the periods under consideration is another area of work. Other important project contents include any necessary further developments of existing procedures or possibilities for simpler operation of the application and data entry.


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