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BAB 067/23: Circular Bioeconomy Market Uptake and Policy Support in Central Europe (BIOECO-UP)

Initial situation

The circular economy in Central Europe is characterised by underdeveloped bio-based value chains, low consumer awareness and uneven political progress along the East-West border. BIOECO-UP is concerned with the further development of the circular bioeconomy in Central Europe. In addition to the 12 cooperations mentioned above, 5 ministries are involved as associated partners: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (PL); Ministry of Rural Affairs of the Republic of Estonia (EE); Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (SI); Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic (SK); Ministry of Agri-culture of the Czech Republic (CZ). The BIOEAST Initiative (, in which 11 Eastern European Ministries of Agriculture and supporting institutes are represented, will also be involved in BIOECO-UP. BIOECO-UP is implemented in "Interreg Central Europe Programme 2021-2027" and addresses the programme priority "P2 - Cooperating for a greener central Europe", specifically the priority objective "SO2.3 - Taking circular economy forward in central Europe".


BIOECO-UP aims to advance the circular bioeconomy in Central Europe by designing bioeconomic value chains and supporting changes in consumer behaviour and policy frameworks.

Planned procedure, implementation

Work package WP 1 ("Circular bioeconomy cross-sector value chains") will test, develop and scale up solutions for the design of bio-based value chains based on 7 transnational pilot studies. WP 2 ("Empowering citizens to become active in circular bioeconomy") aims to empower 600 citizens to use, produce and value bio-based products. WP 3 ("Mainstreaming of circular bioeconomy policies") will analyse Central European bioeconomy policies, develop strategy and action plans and propose effective bioeconomy measures within the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2030 (CAP).  
It is envisaged that the AOD will contribute to the following activities:

- Collection of data on the bioeconomy in Austria (collaboration in activity A 1.1)
- Preparation of educational material for citizens on the bioeconomy (collaboration in A2.1)
- Transnational webinars and study tours for citizens (cooperation in A2.4)
- Analysis of bioeconomy measures in Central Europe (coordination of A3.1)
- Recommendations for the implementation of bioeconomy measures (collaboration in A3.2)
- Round tables, transnational seminars and bioeconomy vision (collaboration in A3.4)

More detailed information on activities, outputs, deliverables and project timetable can be found in the project proposal.


Project start: 06/2023
Project end: 03/2026

Project cooperation

Landwirtschaftsministerium - Abteilung für Agrarforschung und Agrarumweltmanagement (HU); Bay Zoltán Nonprofit LTD for Applied Research - Abteilung für Biomasseproduktion und -verwertung (HU); Alma Mater Studiorum Universität Bologna - Abteilung für industrielle Chemie Toso montanari (IT); Tschechische Universität für Lebenswissenschaften Prag - Fakultät für Forst- und Holzwissenschaften (CZ); Landwirtschaftliche Forschung, LtD Troubsko (CZ); Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation Research State Institute - Department of Bioeconomy and Systems Analysis (PL); Institute for Circular Economy (HR); Institute for Sustainable Development (SI); University of Ljubljana - Biotechnical Faculty (SI); Bioeconomy Cluster (SK); Croatian Chamber of Agriculture - Department of Agricultural Policy, Innovation and International Cooperation (HR)


Project Leader



Agricultural, Environmental and Food Systems



Rural Sociology and Library
STELZER, Christoph

DI B.Sc. Christoph STELZER

Agricultural Economics and Data Management
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1030 Wien
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