BAB 065/23: Pure nutrient demand and pure nutrient usage in Austrian agriculture

Agrarmarkt Austria publishes the sales volumes of the pure nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5) and potash (K2O) on a quarterly basis. LBG Österreich GmbH collects the annual application quantities of pure nutrients from mineral fertilizers from the farms that voluntarily keep records for the Green Report.
As part of a short study conducted by the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics in 2016, the pure nutrient requirement of Austrian agriculture was determined on the basis of standardized withdrawal values of plant crops (according to acreage and yield per hectare), taking into account the pure nutrient input from animal husbandry at NUTS II level. The calculation was carried out using the spreadsheet software "EXCEL").
The sales quantities according to AMA surveys, the extrapolated application quantities and the nutrient requirements based on the nutrient withdrawals of the plant crops and nutrient supply through farm manure were compared.


The aim of the project is to adapt the calculations of nutrient requirements to the current data situation (e.g. guideline for proper fertilization in arable farming and grassland - 8th edition, 2022), taking into account the nutrient removal of the plants and the nutrient supply from farm manure, and to review the calculation methods.
Based on this, a tool is to be programmed that will allow automated, time-saving evaluations at regular intervals with access to the available databases.In addition, it will be checked whether a determination of the pure nutrient requirement based on INVEKOS data for individual farms is expedient, with the possibility of carrying out evaluations according to regions, farm types, etc.

Work carried out

In 2023, the collection of basic data from current publications was carried out retroactively to 2015.Further activities could not be carried out due to a lack of personnel resources, particularly in view of a crisis-related focus on other projects.Work 2024Based on the EXCEL template, the calculation processes and the underlying data will be reviewed and, if necessary, replaced with updated values (e.g. nutrient content of farm fertilizers). In consultation with experts, the possibility of a calculation at individual farm level (basis: IN-VEKOS) is discussed and implemented where possible.

Work 2024

Based on the updated EXCEL template, a new evaluation tool with direct access to the BAB database (linking of area and livestock data with yield data, data on nutrient removal and delivery through farm manure, etc.) is to be prepared and programmed.The determination of the quantities of nutrients applied based on data from accounting farms is also to be largely automated.
The aforementioned calculations will be carried out retroactively back to 2015. The annual evaluations will also be continued after the end of the project.


Project start: 01/ 2023
Project end: 12/2024




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