BAB 057/22: Processing capacities for oilseeds and protein crops in Austria

Initial situation

Not only against the background of the current Covid-19 pandemic has the cultivation of protein crops in Austria, its development potential and the associated security of supply become the focus of numerous discussions and initiatives. Despite increased cultivation areas in Austria (e.g. doubling of soybean cultivation areas), there is still a dependence on imports for plant protein. One goal of the Protein Strategy 2030 presented in July 2021 is to secure the supply of protein in Austria. Although the production of oil and protein crops is well represented in the protein strategy, there is a deficit of current figures, data and facts in the processing sector.  In addition to an analysis of the current situation, the potential of the processing of oil and protein crops should also be considered and possible options for action identified. In 2022, as part of the implementation of the protein strategy, a focus is to be placed on the area of processing in Austria. A round table with all relevant actors is planned for this topic, which will be organised by AGES. There are links to the updating of the Austrian (egg white) feed balance, which will be dealt with within the framework of a separate Covid project/feed balance.


The project is based on a direct recommendation of the final report of the Protein Strategy with the aim of surveying and analysing the processing capacities in the field of protein crops in Austria in order to improve the representability of the value chain. Due to the close interconnections between the sectors, an analysis of the oil plant sector will also be carried out. In particular, the project aims to present the current national processing capacities for the different areas of use (food and feed) and to work out possible development potentials. In this way, the surveys and analyses should also contribute to an improved presentation of the supply balances.

Work 2023

Due to the unplanned and short-term work in 2022 for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in connection with the various crises (Corona, Ukraine, crisis team) and their consequences (energy crisis and inflation) as well as the changes in other work to be carried out with higher priority for the Ministry, the project will be extended by one year.
- Literature research
- Elaboration of a survey design to determine current treatment and processing capacities and their potential in Austria
- Organisation of expert meetings
- Compilation of results, analysis and graphical presentation
- Preparation of documents for the Round Table 2022 planned within the framework of the protein strategy
- Preparation of a final report


Project start: 01/2022
Project end: 12/2023


Project Status


Project Leader



DI Dipl.-Päd. Ing. Josef HAMBRUSCH

Agricultural Economics and Data Management
WEIGL, Martin


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