BAB 053/22: Sector analysis hemp

Initial situation

Due to its versatile use (seeds, fibres, flowers), the interest in hemp cultivation has increased in Austria in recent years. One of the reasons for the expansion of hemp production in Austria was the increase of the legal limit value of THC from 0.2% in the past to currently 0.3%. In addition, it has become possible to cultivate plants that can satisfy the current boom in demand for CBD products. Due to the steadily increasing areas under hemp cultivation - which have doubled in the last five years (2021: 2,000 ha) - and the comparatively moderate level of information about it, the BMLRT initiated a project that focuses on the economic issues of hemp cultivation.


The aim of the analysis is to present production and marketing possibilities for hemp in Austria from an economic point of view. First and foremost, the question will be addressed which parts of the hemp plant can be marketed (seeds, fibres, flowers) and which marketing channels already exist. Furthermore, research will be carried out to find out which varieties are suitable for the respective types of use and which production methods can be used to cultivate them on agricultural land. In addition, the possibility of organic production of hemp will be examined. Overall, the study is intended to contribute to drawing a holistic picture of the sector. Excluded from the analysis is the cultivation of hemp away from agricultural areas, such as indoors. The data research is to contribute to programming own production methods for hemp within the framework of the online application "Internet coverage contributions" of the BAB.

Work 2022

  • Literature research of papers, studies and articles on the topic
  • Review of databases (INVEKOS, foreign trade database, ...)
  • Conducting and analysing qualitative interviews with producers and farmers, processing and marketing companies as well as with representatives of AGES (Agency for Health and Food Safety),
  • AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria) and chambers of agriculture in Austria.
  • Preparation of a project report


Project start: 01.04.2022
Project end: 31.12.2022

Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp


Project Leader

STELZER, Christoph

DI B.Sc. Christoph STELZER

Agricultural Economics and Data Management



DI Dipl.-Päd. Ing. Josef HAMBRUSCH

Agricultural Economics and Data Management
WEIGL, Martin


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