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BAB 007/01: National report on Austrian pig producers - a comparative analysis of working group data

Initial situation

Price developments on the international markets, changing agricultural policy conditions or the spread of animal diseases are only a few of the challenges that Austrian pig farming has to face. In this respect, expert advice tailored to the respective husbandry methods and farm conditions is becoming increasingly important. In this respect, the working group advisory service has for many years been an important focus of education and advisory services for Austrian pig farmers, with the emphasis on improving the qualifications of the participants. An essential basis for economic farm analyses is the data recorded by the member farms. Their analyses provide important indications for measures that can lead to an improvement of the farm's success.


The aim of the project is to support the working groups in the further development of the indicator scheme and the evaluation of the farm data. In this respect, the collection, examination and evaluation of the working group data is in the foreground. The Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics and Mining Research (BAB), together with the LFI, is responsible for editing the annual federal report. The results of the Federal Report and the analyses and data comparisons contained therein are an important tool, particularly with regard to the identification of farm strengths and weaknesses as well as for the development of unused potential. The data are also an important basis for scientific projects such as sector analyses or contribution margin calculations.

Status of the project

The federal reports of all working groups were restructured 4 years ago and streamlined to essential contents, graphics were modernised and a chapter with the presentation of a member enterprise was added. A staff member was hired at the LFI for the coordination and uniform final editing of all federal reports. In 2019, the entire editorial work (collection of content, layout, correction) of the federal report was transferred to the staff of the LFI. The work packages for the AOD include sending out the data sheets, data collection, data evaluation, organising and chairing the editorial meeting, preparing the relevant agenda and writing selected contents of the federal report, including a short report.

Work 2023

The central work of the project includes data collection, checking and evaluation, writing selected chapters for the federal report, including an executive summary, and the collection and design of tables and graphics. The annual editorial meeting in spring regulates the responsibility for the chapters between the working groups for the current year. The main components of the editorial meeting are discussion and discussion of the evaluation results. The meeting is held via video conference. It is also planned to take part in various information events (Pig Day, Winter Conference, Pig Conference). The focus here will be on in-depth technical knowledge and the exchange of information as well as contact with experts from the sector.


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