BAB 016/11: Structural analysis of agricultural and forestry enterprises

The aim of the project was to present statistically observable phenomena from databases (e.g. INVEKOS, agricultural structure survey) that have not been sufficiently analysed so far. Supplementary surveys and case studies should provide additional information on the relevance of various developments to agricultural policy. Depending on the available data and the setting of priorities, the objectives were worked on using a modular system over several years.

In the first year of the project, on the initiative of Department II/3, considerations on the reorganisation of the compensatory allowance (AZ) as well as for a severity point system based on the BHK points system were included in the project. Expert reports were prepared and a paper on the redesign of the compensatory allowance was presented at the ÖGA conference in Bolzano in October 2011 and an article was published in the ÖGA yearbook in 2012. The work on the severity point system and on the redesign of the CA was continued in 2012 and 2013 and presented at the BUKO and the Working Group on Mountain Farming of the LKÖ. The results of the 2010 agricultural structure survey of Statistics Austria were integrated into the database. A comparison of the 2010 agricultural structure survey with the 2010 INVEKOS data was carried out and the results were published on the Green Report homepage.

In 2013, an article on the trade in payment entitlements was written on the original project topic. A paper on mountain farming was presented at the 2013 ÖGA-SGA meeting in Zurich. An evaluation of the coverage thresholds of the 2010 agricultural structure survey (farms with less than 1 ha of UAA) was prepared. Most of the work in 2014, in consultation with the BMLFUW, fell on the simulations and calculations associated with the future AZ calculation in the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. In the years 2015 to 2018, evaluations were primarily carried out in the area of AZ. The results of the agricultural structure survey were integrated into the evaluations and analysis.

The evaluations for the area of arable farming were continued and module reports on individual focal points of the project were prepared in consultation with the BMNT. Furthermore, INVEKOS data, the agricultural structure survey and the LBG data were analysed.

The long-term project 016/11 (structural analysis of agricultural and forestry enterprises) was terminated as an independent project at the end of 2019 and the activities for this project will be continued in the project BAB 012/05 (structuring and preparation of the data pool).

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