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Agricultural Economics and Data Management

DI B.Sc. Christoph STELZER

Agricultural Economics and Data Management
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Vienna
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637492
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Research associate at the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics and Rural Areas, Vienna/AT (since 2020)
Manager of a small agricultural and forestry company, Burgenland/AT (since 2008)
Administrative assistant of the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication at the University of Economics and Business, Vienna/AT (2018-2020)
IT-Assistant at the University of Economics and Business, Vienna/AT (2013-2018)
Master Program in “Environmental and Bioresource Management” at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna/AT (DI 2019)
Bachelor Program in “Business, Economics and Social Sciences” at the University of Economics and Business, Vienna/AT (BSc 2013)
Federal Commercial Academy, Oberpullendorf/AT (A-levels 2007)

Main fields of work:

  • Evaluations (Fruit and vegetables)
  • ÖPUL Calculations




BAB 070/24: Transparency of agricultural value chains

The crises of the recent past (war in Ukraine, SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, inflation rates) have once again highlighted the need for information and data on material flows within the value chains...

BAB 067/23: Circular Bioeconomy Market Uptake and Policy Support in Central Europe (BIOECO-UP)

The project "BIOECO-UP - Circular bioeconomy market uptake and policy support in Central Europe" (CE0100254) is supported by the Interreg Central Europe 2021-2027 programme with co-financing...

BAB 066/23: Empowering Rural Communities to Act for Change - RURACTIVE (Horizon Europe Projekt)

Around one third of EU citizens (two thirds in Austria) live in rural regions, but GDP per capita there is below average. The inequalities between urban and rural communities in...

BAB 059/22: Regional agricultural value chains

Robust Food Supply Chains in Austria The reliable supply of high-quality food to the Austrian population has become the focus of public debate in recent years, not least due to the large number of...

BAB 055/22: Study on the Austrian seed industry

Some parts of EU seed law date back to 1966 and need to be adapted to the changed framework conditions. After the legislative proposal drawn up by the European Commission (EC) to reform EU seed...

BAB 053/22: Sector analysis hemp

Hemp has been grown as a crop in Austria for centuries, but until now it has had the character of a niche crop. The demand for hemp products has been growing for several years, although the...

BAB 052/22: Flat rates for fruit and vegetable producer organizations

Initial situation Within the framework of the Common Market Organisation, recognised producer organisations (POs) have received or will receive access to public funding within the framework...

BAB 042/20: Simple Costs for Education Providers

Since the current programming period (2014-2020) of the Common Agricultural Policy, the European Commission offers the possibility to claim costs for projects in a simplified way...

BAB 045/20: COVID-19 Lessons learnt

Context With the beginning of the Covi9-19 crisis in March 2020, weaknesses of the Austrian and global economic system became visible. The initiative for the research project was already taken in...

BAB 043/20: Vulnerability of Austrian food production to crises due to the consequences of Covid-19

Initial situation With the "measures" that the federal government has taken to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the food supply of the population, and thus the food value chain, has...

BAB 035/20: Calculation of premiums of the agri-environmental program

Initial situation With the constitution of the expert groups as part of the design of the national CAP strategic plan, discussions on the realignment of the agri-environmental and climate...

BAB 034/20: Evaluation of the national strategy for operational programs of fruit and vegetable producer organisations

Recognized producer organizations (POs) for fruit and vegetables can develop so-called "Operational Programs" (OP) within the framework of the common organization of agricultural markets,...
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Wien
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637415

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