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Agricultural, Environmental and Food Systems

DI.in Dr.in Yvonne STICKLER

Agricultural, Environmental and Food Systems
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Vienna
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637439
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Research associate at the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research, Vienna (since 2019)
Research associate at the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Vienna/AT (2015-2018)
Postdoc at the University of Freiburg and at IST Austria
Research associate at the Technical University of Vienna/AT
Joint research project with the Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna/AT (AIT – then ARC)
Doctoral studies of Technical Sciences at the Technical University of Vienna/AT (Dr.in)
Master of Science in Technical Mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna/AT (DIin)

Main fields of work:

  • Green Report
  • Farm accountancy data: statistical data analysis and agro-economic analyses
  • Modeling and analysis of bio-physical processes related to agricultural land use
  • Coupling of ecological and economic models
  • Organic crop yields
  • Software development and data management
  • Statistical evaluation of surveys



BAB 061/22: Relief for agricultural und forestry sector within the framework of national emissions certificate trading

Within the framework of the eco-social tax reform of 2022, a gradual introduction of a national emission allowance trading system (nEHS) is planned, starting with an introductory phase from 1 July...

BAB 060/22: Converting Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) into Farm Sustainability Data Network (FSDN)

The Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) has been collecting economic data from agricultural holdings for decades. Due to the reorientation of EU agricultural policy with a focus on...

BAB 056/22: Applying an agri-food systems approach

Basic principles and an analysis using the example of conflicting goals in land use Initial situation UN sustainability goals, the European Green Deal (with the "Farm to Fork" strategy,...

BAB 040/20: Biophysical processes of agricultural land use in Austria

modelling and analysis Initial situation In times of climate change and increasingly limited resources, Austrian agriculture is caught between economic efficiency and ecologically...

BAB 018/19: Organic Crop Yields

Initial situation Organic farming has been an important part of agricultural production in Austria for many years. Around 25% of agricultural land is currently farmed organically. The BML...

AWI/184/18: CAP beyond 2020

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the EU's oldest and financially most important policies. Its main objectives are: i) to increase agricultural productivity by promoting technical...

AWI/50/16 W: Development of a method for time series analyses based on Austrian farm accountancy data

The network of farms keeping voluntary accounts has been providing comprehensive data on the income situation of agriculture and forestry in Austria for many years. However, ongoing...

BAB 012/05: Structuring and management of the data pool

Initial situation Work on facilitating access to and use of the INVEKOS data has so far been carried out mainly by Department II/1 of the BML. The current scope of the data offered is documented...

BAB 009/04: Development of a model system

Initial situation ommon Agricultural Policy (CAP) measures pursue objectives such as supporting farm incomes, increasing competitiveness or promoting the sustainable management of...

BAB 003/86: Economic analysis and consultancy relating to OECD and WTO

Baseline Within the framework of OECD bodies, OECD member and partner countries exchange information in committees and working groups on various topics of policy implementation and...
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Wien
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