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Director at Austrian Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research, Vienna, since 2019
Director at Austrian Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Vienna (2014-2018)
Member of the Cabinet of Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management responsible for agriculture (2012-2013)
Generally sworn and court certified expert (since 2017)
Consulting engineer for Agriculture and agricultural technology as well as a business consultancy (since 2008)
Research associate at Gregor Mendel University in Brno and at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna (2004-2006)
Master of Science in Agricultural Economics (MSc.) University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna / Austria (2004)
Master of Science in Economics and Management (MSc.) at Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno / Czech Republic (2004)

Main fields of work:

  • Management of the Federal Institute (research coordination and economic management)
  • Agricultural policy
  • Agricultural economics

Participation in committees:

  • Expert in the §7 Commission under the Agriculture Act
  • Rural Networks Assembly, European Commission
  • Austrian Association for Agricultural, Life and Environmental Science Research (ÖFAV)
  • Committee for Farm Accounting Data Network (FADN), European Commission
  • High Level Group on Biosphere Economy
  • Groupes de Bruges
  • Association for European Life Science Universities, ICA
  • AERIAS - the network of Agricultural Economics Research Institutes and Agencies

BAB 061/22: Relief for agricultural und forestry sector within the framework of national emissions certificate trading

Within the framework of the eco-social tax reform of 2022, a gradual introduction of a national emission allowance trading system (nEHS) is planned, starting with an introductory phase from 1 July...

BAB 059/22: Regional agricultural value chains

Robust Food Supply Chains in Austria The reliable supply of high-quality food to the Austrian population has become the focus of public debate in recent years, not least due to the large number of...

BAB 058/22: Feed Balance

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, weaknesses in the Austrian and global economic system became apparent. The COVID-19 Lessons learnt research project was therefore...

BAB 046/21: ERASMUS+ – Strengthening Social Capital in Rural Communities for Rural Development

The concept of social capital has been an important component of policy instruments for rural development and local governance for some time. Its importance has also been increasingly recognised...

BAB 045/20: COVID-19 Lessons learnt

Context With the beginning of the Covi9-19 crisis in March 2020, weaknesses of the Austrian and global economic system became visible. The initiative for the research project was already taken in...

BAB 043/20: Vulnerability of Austrian food production to crises due to the consequences of Covid-19

Initial situation With the "measures" that the federal government has taken to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the food supply of the population, and thus the food value chain, has...

BAB 036/20: Calculation of the compensatory allowance for disadvantaged areas

Initial situation With the constitution of the expert groups within the framework of the design of the national CAP strategic plan, discussions on the reorientation of the compensatory allowance...

BAB 019/19: Development of the organic market in Austria and other selected regions

In recent years the share of organic farms in Austria has increased significantly. In addition to the traditionally high shares in grassland, there has recently also been a strong trend...

BAB 021/19: Preparation of a central data portal for agriculture

Initial situation Digitalisation and the internet are not only shaping our daily private and professional lives. Even in agriculture, it would be hard to imagine working without...

AWI/184/18: CAP beyond 2020

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the EU's oldest and financially most important policies. Its main objectives are: i) to increase agricultural productivity by promoting technical...

AWI/183/18: Feeding protein balance

Imports of protein feed, especially in the form of soya and soya meal, are repeatedly the subject of discussions and criticism, especially from the environmental protection side, whereby the focus...

AWI 180/17: Options for stabilising income of agricultural holdings

Initial situation The income of a farm fluctuates because the components of income (volumes, prices, agricultural payments, etc.) also fluctuate. Various influencing factors are cited in...
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