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Head of Staff Unit Data pool at the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research, Vienna/AT (since 2021)
Research assistant at the Institute of Agricultural Economics at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (1999 - 2001)
Study of Agricultural Economics at University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna/AT (DI)
University assistant at the Institute of Agricultural Economics of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (2001 - 2002)

Main fields of work:

  • Management data pool
  • Data protection officer of BAB
  • Production forecasts
  • Agricultural economic research
  • Agricultural price indices
  • Agricultural statistics
  • Market reviews, brief studies, expert reports, scientific statements, slaughtering report for EUROSTAT
  • Cattle and pig sectors
  • Preparation of cattle livestock
  • Agricultural foreign trade

Participation in committees:

  • EUROSTAT (Working Group on Animal Production Statistics)
  • STATISTIK AUSTRIA (Advisory boards Foreign Trade, Milk Production, Aquaculture, Commercial Orchardry)
  • STATISTIK AUSTRIA (Feedback groups Supply Balances, Commercial Orchardry, Yield Survey, Cattle Livestock, Pig Livestock Survey)

BAB 059/22: Regional agricultural value chains

Initial situation Covid-19 and the Ukraine crisis have brought food supply chains back into the public eye. The project "Scenarios on the vulnerability of the Austrian food supply due to...

BAB 057/22: Processing capacities for oilseeds and protein crops in Austria

Initial situation Not only against the background of the current Covid-19 pandemic has the cultivation of protein crops in Austria, its development potential and the associated security of...

BAB 045/20: COVID-19 Lessons learnt

Context With the beginning of the Covi9-19 crisis in March 2020, weaknesses of the Austrian and global economic system became visible. The initiative for the research project was already taken in...

BAB 043/20: Vulnerability of Austrian food production to crises due to the consequences of Covid-19

Initial situation With the "measures" that the federal government has taken to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the food supply of the population, and thus the food value chain, has...

AWI/183/18: Feeding protein balance

Imports of protein feed, especially in the form of soya and soya meal, are repeatedly the subject of discussions and criticism, especially from the environmental protection side, whereby the focus...

BAB 017/18: Agricultural Price Indices

Initial situation At the beginning of 2016, the responsibility for the compilation of the agricultural price indices (EU and national) was transferred to the Federal Statistical Office of Austria...

BAB 012/05: Structuring and management of the data pool

Initial situation The work on facilitating access to and use of the INVEKOS data has so far been carried out mainly by Department II/1 of the BMLRT. The current scope of the data offered is...

BAB 011/05: Preparation of the bases for the Green Report and FADN as well as its sci-entific further development

Objective In the Federal Offices Act (Bundesämtergesetz i.d.g.F., § 16), the scope of the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Mining includes cooperation in the preparation of the Green...

BAB 001/76: Econometric models of the Austrian pig and cattle market

Objective Agricultural policy, administration and the EU institutions (EU Regulation 1165/2008) need information on the development of agricultural markets in order to fulfill their legal tasks....
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Wien
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637415

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