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Rural Sociology and Library

Mag.a DI.in Dr.in Theresia OEDL-Wieser

Rural Sociology and Library
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Vienna
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637518
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Head of the Department of Rural Social Research and Library at the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research, Vienna/AT (since 2019)
Research associate at the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research, Vienna/AT (since 2019)
Research associate at the Federal Institute for Mountainous and Less Favoured Areas, Vienna/AT (1993-2018)
Doctoral studies in Regional Policy and Rural Sociology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna/AT (Dr.in techn. 2000)
Studies of Sociology and Journalism and Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna/AT (Mag.asoc.oec. 1997)
Research associate at the Institute for Business Administration at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna/AT (1992-1993)
Journalist (1991)
Study of Agriculture specializing in Agricultural Economics at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna/AT (DIin 1990)

Main fields of work:

  • Rural sociology
  • Agricultural sociology
  • Rural women and gender research
  • Rural development
  • Regional policy
  • Political sociology
  • Regional governance
  • Networks and cooperation
  • Social innovation
  • Participation and inclusion

Participation in committees:

  • Participation in the Gender Mainstreaming Working Group of the BMLRT (since 2011)
  • member of the Research Advisory Board of the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy (since 2014)
  • manager of the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics (since 2011)

BAB 066/23: Empowering Rural Communities to Act for Change - RURACTIVE (Horizon Europe Projekt)

Initial situation About one third of EU citizens (two thirds in Austria) live in rural areas, but GDP/capita remains below average. The disparities between urban and rural communities in...

BAB 051/22: Project ÖKO-SCHU-WA The economic relevance of protection forests in Austria

Project Management: Alexandra Freudenschuss, Peter Mayer (BWF - Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape) The WF project ÖKO-SCHU-WA was submitted by the...

BAB 046/21: ERASMUS+ – Strengthening Social Capital in Rural Communities for Rural Development

Initial situation The concept of social capital has been an important component of policy instruments for rural development and local governance for some time. Its importance has also...

BAB 045/20: COVID-19 Lessons learnt

Context With the beginning of the Covi9-19 crisis in March 2020, weaknesses of the Austrian and global economic system became visible. The initiative for the research project was already taken in...

BAB 030/19: Implementing LEADER in Mestia municipality for better livelihoods in high mountainous regions of Georgia

Initial situation In the EU's neighbouring countries, experience in strategy development and initiation of local activities is passed on through targeted neighbourhood programmes. The EU is...

BAB 024/19: Female farm managers revisited

A panel survey on the development of farms and their households Initial situation Austrian agriculture is subject to continuous change. These changes affect both farm activities and the...

BAB 020/19: The role of women in vivid rural areas

Initial situation Unequal living conditions and a lack of prospects are causing young and better educated people, including many young women, to leave their rural region of origin. The associated...

BF 156/17: ROBUST - Rural-Urban Outlooks: Unlocking Synergies

Objective Spatial development processes are increasingly characterised by exchange relationships between different regions. This also includes the different spatial types, so that...

BF 150/16: Accompanying evaluation of the Austrian Programme for Rural Development 2014-202

For the evaluation of the Austrian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (LE2020), the BMNT has defined a number of evaluation packages for the assessment of the different priorities of...

BF 146/15: A New Approach for Rural Development in Georgia (LEADER – Georgien)

The research project was carried out within the framework of the EU Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD Georgia) in cooperation with the coordinator...

BF 141/15: Diversity and Resilience

Dynamics and development paths of socio-ecological systems, illustrated by the Salzburg Lungau and Carinthian Nockberge Biosphere Reserve Biosphere parks contribute to the conservation and...

BF 138/14: Social factors influencing the success of passive flood protection

Georg Wiesinger, Theresia Oedl-Wieser, Thomas Lampalzer Passive flood protection defines spaces that are essentially dedicated to the "flowing retention" of water bodies. Other uses of...
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Wien
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637415

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