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 Roland Neissl

Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Vienna
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637530
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Graduate of the HBLA St. Florian and the Federal Pedagogical Academy Ober St. Veit.
Employed at the Federal Institute since 1997.

Main areas of work:

  • Cluster, Linux, Proxmox
  • Storage, CEPH
  • Backup
  • Firewall und Netzwerk
  • Web

BAB 074/24: D-DOK: Research documentation departments

Currently, the data for research activities and public relations activities are collected in simple lists at the research departments and the RZL and activity reports are compiled manually. There...

BAB 073/24: Data modelling, management and consulting for the GAP Datapool

The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) plays a central role in shaping agricultural policies that affect agriculture, the environment and rural communities. The evaluation of these...

BAB 071/24: DBZ – webbased dashboard for operational analysis

A constantly growing amount of data with an increased need for availability and user-friendliness also poses growing challenges for the BAB. Numerous interfaces to the population (e.g....

BAB 069/24: Open Source Data Pipeline & Database for HyDaMS (Hydrographisches Daten Management System)

As part of the cooperation between the federal and provincial governments required by the Water Act, a monitoring network is operated to determine the water balance in Austria. This data...

BAB 059/22: Regional agricultural value chains

Robust Food Supply Chains in Austria The reliable supply of high-quality food to the Austrian population has become the focus of public debate in recent years, not least due to the large number of...

BAB 049/21: Open Data Cube as data repository and analysis tool for drought monitoring

Development of analysis tools for recurring agricultural policy issues based on the example of drought monitoring Initial situation A data cube (ODC) was set up at the Federal Institute...

BAB 048/21: Image matching of aerial imagery using graphics processors to create up-to-date surface models.

Initial situation The aerial images for the entire Austrian federal territory are updated in a three-year cycle, with around one third of the national territory being reflown each year. These...

BAB 022/19: Data pool: Platform for natural area controlling

Objective Storage, processing and further use of project data from ACube and BMon in the data pool, as well as provision of an operative platform for the interconnection and analysis of these data...

BAB 023/19: Data pool: Sentinel-2 Data processing with open source

The Sentinels are a fleet of seven types of satellites that provide various freely accessible data and images for the European Commission's Copernicus programme. One of these satellites...

BAB 027/19: D-ESS - Time Recording Intranet-based Human Resource Management and Project Controlling

Objective Development of a web-based, modular time recording and resource planning system at the participating departments. The system must be based on open source; the data, programming...

BAB 012/05: Structuring and management of the data pool

Initial situation Work on facilitating access to and use of the INVEKOS data has so far been carried out mainly by Department II/1 of the BML. The current scope of the data offered is documented...
Dietrichgasse 27
1030 Wien
 +43 (1) 71100 - 637415

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