In our comprehensive library and documentation centre, we identify and collect relevant literature and current research results, provide user-friendly access and connections to library networks as well as information systems on the internet.

Systematic documentation (evaluation, indexing and cataloguing) of articles of significance in the fields of agriculture, social and economics sciences has been conducted since 1960.

Covered areas:

  • Agricultural economics and agricultural statistics
  • Agricultural policy, policy impact assessment (evaluation)
  • Agricultural market research
  • Agricultural information, agricultural documentation, agriculture and new technologies
  • General and agricultural management literature, economics literature
  • Mountain areas, mountain and alpine farming
  • Organic farming
  • Biodiversity
  • Biomass, Bioenergy
  • Demography
  • Food culture, Eating habits
  • EU agricultural policy
  • Gender and inclusion
  • Small-scale agriculture and cooperation
  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Rural development
  • Rural sociology
  • Methodology, econometrics, optimisation
  • Migration and Integration
  • Sustainability/Sustainable Development
  • Nature Conservation
  • Spatial research and planning
  • Regional policy and regional economy
  • Systems theory
  • Tourism
  • Environment, Agroecology
  • Environmental economics
  • Economics and economic policy
  • Global agricultural and food economy

At present, the literature stock amounts to about 52,000 books, 180 journals and about 160 serials (yearbooks, activity reports, green reports -“Grüner Bericht”-, national and international agricultural statistics). The annual access comprises about 600 titles, of which about 500 are monographs. Specialised publications are regularly interchanged with 140 national and international institutions.

Currently there are about 58,000 titles available, one third of which are journal articles. Since the contract for our previous library system was not extended by the BML and the implementation and use of the new open source library software will still take some time, there is currently only a very limited possibility to search our library holdings, namely in the form of an export file of all our previous publications until the end of 2022 as a PDF-file.

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