FactSheet 013: Enhancing Social Inclusion in Rural Areas

This factsheet presents an initial conceptual framework aimed at understanding how the social and solidarity economy (SSE), through social innovation (SI), can promote social inclusion, a good life, resilience and sustainability in rural contexts. Based on a literature review, the framework highlights the challenges of vulnerability and social exclusion that rural communities often face. The study highlights the transformative potential of SSE and SI in this context. By promoting empowerment and community development, these approaches can create structures and systems that ensure equitable access to resources and opportunities, thereby improving social inclusion and good life. Finally, they can contribute to building resilient and sustainable rural communities.


LATIFI, Somaye

PhD Somaye Latifi

Ländliche Sozialforschung und Bibliothek
HOFER, Katrin

DI.in Katrin Hofer

Ländliche Sozialforschung und Bibliothek
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